Hot Drinks

Coffee £2.95

Decaff £2.95

Indian Masala Tea £2.50

Green Tea £1.95

Revive & Revitalise £1.95

Pure & Peppermint,

Earl Grey and more £1.95


Indian Kulfi £2.50

Traditional Indian dairy ice cream made with fresh cream, whole milk,

nuts and fruits. Available in mango, pistachio, malai or almond flavours






Cadburys Flake £2.95

Elegant glass filled with dairy ice cream layered with thick chocolate

sauce and Cadbury’s Flake





Ferraro Rocher £2.95

World famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce

topped with Ferrero Rocher





Royal Pot £2.95

Toffee flavoured ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in

an attractive pot.





Mouchak £2.95

Vanilla ice cream with nuts

topped with glazed almonds & honey sauce





Vanilla Ice Cream £1.95

Scooped Ice Cream





Amarena £2.95

Traditional Greek - Style yoghurt Ice Cream, infused with our fresh

amarena cherry sauce.





Fantastica £2.95

Vanilla & Caramel ice cream, with chocolate balls, toffee pieces

& caramel sauce.





Nouka £2.95

Vanilla flavoured dairy ice cream with milk chocolate sauce, chocolate

chips and truffles.






Choco Mint £2.95

Mint flavour ice cream mixed with milky chocolate pieces topped with

chocolate chips.






Coconut Supreme £2.95

Cool & delicious coconut ice cream packed into real half coconut shel






Mango Delight £2.95

Half of a real mango skin filled with natural mango sorbet






Orange / Lemon Surprise £2.50

Whole Orange or Lemon scooped & refilled with tangy sorbet






Egg Man £2.50

Strawberry and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, packed in a

plastic cup with a surprise toy. Suitable for children.







Punky £2.50

Vanilla ice cream in a free plastic toy.







Kuaky £2.50

Chocolate ice cream in a free plastic toy






Kiddie Surprise £2.50

Vanilla ice cream cobined with carmel along witch a delicious milk

chocolate egg and a collectable toy inside.